The main flag this year may not return

Baku/28.03.18/Turan: For the tenth month there is not a flag and flagpole in the Flag Square in Baku. In the summer of 2017, when the flagpole was dismantled, the head of the department of foreign relations of the Office of the Primorsky Boulevard, Nazim Medjidov, said that the flagpole was dismantled for the first check of this design. Since then no reports have been received f the restoration of the flagpole.

Majidov does not know when the flag will return to its original location," he told Turan. "Flagstaff is checked by domestic specialists, foreign experts were not involved in the work. The time of completion of the audit is not known. What will be the height of the flagpole after its restoration is also not known until the commission's conclusion is ready," he said.

"The first complete audit of the complex design of the flagpole is being carried out since the construction in 2007," Majidov added, noting that it is still unknown whether the flagstaff will return to its place this year.

Flagstaff was built by the company Trident Tech, engaged in such construction throughout the world. The biggest flag of Azerbaijan was established in Baku on September 1, 2010. The height of the flagpole is 162 meters, the diameter of its base is 3.2 meters, and the top part is 1.09 meters. The width of the flag is 35 meters, length - 70 meters, weight about 300 kg. -0-

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