The new release of “Kabinetim” mobile application from Azercell

Aiming to provide the best customer service experience to its subscribers, “Azercell Telecom” LLC has launched a new version of “Kabinetim” mobile application. Now the application has even more convenient functional and digital peculiarities, which will simplify its use and make some functions more accessible for subscribers.

Thus, renewed “Kabinetim” allows a current user of a number to find out its official owner. All you have to do is to enter the side menu in the app for this purpose. Besides, “My Profile” section in the app was upgraded as well. Now, it is possible to share additional contact number and e-mail address. Both functions are available only for physical entities.

Another important feature is the improvement of the Mobile Payment system. Thus, pre-paid subscribers may top up the balance of any other Azercell number through their cabinet. Moreover, user experience is improved on “Internet” and “Top up” pages.

It should be noted that, one of the important characteristics of the application is that subscribers use the services presented without spending their megabytes. Supporting iOS and Android operating systems multifunctional “Kabinetim” app can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store. In case the app is not updated automatically, please follow link for download.

Through modern technologies and digital solutions, the application provides users with the opportunity to control the number, top up and track balance, activate Internet packages, as well as roaming internet packages, change tariff package, and other functions. Available in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, "Kabinetim" app allows subscribers to reach Azercell’s online customer care via online chat and subscribe to the services through QR scanner.

Focused on enhancing customer satisfaction through digital solutions, Azercell will continue to update the functionality of “Kabinetim” app. Thus, users may address their proposals about this mobile application to®


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