Violation of the rights of human rights defenders arrested in Kurdakhani

Lawyers Javad Javadov and Anar Gasymly met on September 9 in the pre-trial detention center Kurdakhani with their client - the chairman of the Legal Education Society Intigam Aliyev. Javadov wrote about it on his Facebook page.

According to him, the guards, as always, allowed lawlessness - censored all the records and documents of Intigam Aliyev. Then they put off some papers, citing the need to "show them to the leadership".

Witness to this lawlessness became the lawyer Elton Guliyev, who came to the meeting with his client Rashadat Akhundov. This sort of thing was repeated in the past, so the lawyers drew up a report, which, apart from them, was also signed by Elton Guliyev.

"Violations of the law have become a practice and, for this reason, we will apply to the court," said Javadov.

He also reported on his meeting with the human rights activist Leyla Yunus. According to him, a joint statement by Leyla Yunus and her lawyers is expected.

Earlier Prison Service denied allegations of poor conditions of detention and pressure on Leyla Yunus and Intigam Aliyev. The press service of the Penitentiary Service claims that the conditions of detention conform to the norms of both telephony conversations, meetings with lawyers, medical care, walks, and transfer of food parcels. -16D04-

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