Success of Young Azerbaijani Director

Baku / 29.03.18 / Turan: On 26 March, the international cinema platform Nisi Masa announced the names of the winners of the European Short Pitch competition.

In the section Work-in-Progress Award, all three prizes were awarded to the project of the film Gukhuroba by the young Azerbaijani director Teymur Gambarov.

"This is a very inspiring success for our comrade. He once again proved that it is possible and necessary to make films even if there is no support from the Ministry of Culture," said the film producer Teymur Hajiyev.

The film Gukhuroba narrates about a lonely taxi driver who fulfills a friend"s request to deliver a wedding dress for his daughter from Baku to the highland village of Gukhuroba.

Nisi Masa is a European network of associations, represented in dozens of countries now. It was established in 2001, and 10 years later, it included 28 organizations from 26 countries (including both EU countries and neighboring countries - Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia). The total number of Nisi Masa members is about 1,000 cinematographers. -02D-

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