How much diesel fuel and petrol did SOCAR sell at Georgian market?

During 8 months, 2014 Georgia has imported 566,000 tons of oil products, up 10.5% against the same period in 2013, reported the Georgian Union of Oil Products Importers.

The same source reported that from January to August Georgia imported 240,000 tons of petrol and 326,000 tons of diesel fuel.

In 2014 the greatest volume of gasoline and diesel fuel import falls to Romania – 192,800 tons, which makes 34.1% of the entire volume. Then come Azerbaijan with 145,700 tons (25.7%), Bulgaria – 87,800 tons (15.5%), Greece – 70,800 tons (12.5%),  Russia – 42,200 tons (7.5%) and Turkmenistan – 25,000 tons (4.4%).

According to SOCAR, during 8 months, 2014 it exported 629,600 tons of diesel fuel and 745 tons of petrol. Petrol is exported only to the Georgian market. One can draw conclusion on the basis of this data that from January to August 2014 SOCAR sold 145,000 tons of diesel fuel and 7000 tons of petrol at the Georgian market. This year SOCAR sold 484,600 tons of diesel fuel at other foreign markets.—0—

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