In the first half spent on payroll taxes 145.6 million manat

Due to the status of mothers of large families in accordance with changes in the law on "social benefits" of their family budget increased by 6,340 minors.

As the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Salim Muslimov at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of socioeconomic development in the first half of 2014, improved welfare and other groups. War veterans (of 18,262 people) in addition awarded presidential pension - invalids of the first group receive 150, the second group - 130, and the third group of "just war veterans" - 100 manat.

Since April this year, fringe benefits extended to 86 452 citizens on a budget that uses additional 2.1 million manat a month. Overall, in the first half for social benefits, pensions and compensation took 145.6 million manat.

Mentioned were the additional benefits – 677 veterans of the Karabakh war and 323 veterans of World War II and equated citizens received free cars, 118 representatives of the privileged categories of citizens got apartments at public expense. - 17D-

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