Production of mineral waters has increased by 4.3 times

In the first eight months of this year, production of mineral waters in Azerbaijan increased by 4.3 times, which is associated with an increase in capacity of filling in Nakhchivan.

The Department of Statistics of Industry and Construction of the State Statistics Committee told Turan that since the beginning of the year there was made 4 million 233.4 deciliters of mineral waters.

Bottling of mineral water in Azerbaijan is carried out mostly in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. According to the statistics of the autonomy, in 2013 there were produced 7,062,200 deciliters of mineral waters Sirab and Badamli. Production is delivered not only to other parts of the country, but also exported to Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Lithuania. The equipment of the company Ersey Makina installed in JSC Sirab allows 11,000 bottles of 0.5 liters, 9,000 bottles of 1 liter and 8,000 bottles of 1.5 liters per hour. The power of LLC Badamlı is 2 million bottles per year.

Statistics provides contrasting information on production of mineral waters. SSC of Azerbaijan in the report on the activities of the industry for 2013 notes that the volume of production of mineral waters last year totaled 6,238,500 deciliters (also taking individuals into account), which is 3.1% more than in 2012. The SSC of Nakhchivan announces production of 7,062,200 deciliters of mineral water (+ 7.9%).

Enterprises for bottling mineral water are also available in the Kedabek, Gakh and Shamakha areas. In 2013 they produced 181,600, 168,900 and 20,500 deciliters respectively.

In the first half of this year Azerbaijan imported 469,800 deciliters of mineral waters with a declared total cost of $ 2 841 400. During this period Azerbaijan exported 577,000 liters of mineral waters, which have been issued in Azerbaijani customs at 0,83 $ per liter. --08B--

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