Two-thirds of household deposits are in manat

Bank deposits of the population in Azerbaijan on June 1, 2014 amounted to 6643 million manat (+3.9% YTD).

According to the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the overall increase is observed amid falling in April by 1.2%. Nearly two-thirds (62.6%) of deposits of the population are held in the national currency - 4.1588 billion manat (+7%).

Other money, that is 2,484,200,000 AZN, is stored in foreign currency (minus 0.9%).

The volume of bank deposits of residents (persons residing in the country for more than half of last year) is 6,030.3 million manat (+7.3%), and those of non-residents are 612.7 million manat (minus 21%).

By June 1, the volume of deposits in banks in Azerbaijan was 13 billion 637 million manat (+ 9.3% YTD). - 17D-

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