Uncontrolled privatization

Fulfilled is the anniversary of the date of the formation of the State Commission for the control of the privatization of state property under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Artur Rasizade. But the prime minister may have forgotten that 6 years ago, the president instructed his order to report to it, within a month of the draft regulations of the Commission.

Creation of the State Commission to ensure state control over the privatization of state-owned property provided to both the first and second laws of privatization. However, the head of state ordered the creation of a commission composed of 13 ministers, two chairmen of state committees, and as chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions in February of 2007, by which time the process of privatization has long crossed the massive stage. Over the entire period of privatization of state property in 1996, the government almost never discussed, nor its positive impact on the economy or the problems in the implementation of the state program of privatization.

President of the Foundation for Constitutional Studies Alimammad Nureyev, commenting Turan not implement the President's order, said that this "omission" of the government indicates a low level of control over the execution of the head of state signed the legislative acts of the Presidential Administration. Lack of control, including the public, can lead to negative events, including reduced government revenues from privatization of state property.

The third sector believes that adequate control over the privatization of the State Commission the above should be included and non-governmental organizations.

During the privatization of state property was privatized 42,144 small enterprises and facilities (including vehicles), joint-stock company in 1587 enterprises. Denationalization of the state budget of the Azerbaijan Republic has received 560 million manats.

In Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic is privatization by its own rules, and other citizens of the country is actually staying away from that. Statistics of privatization in the autonomy absent. - 08B-


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