Prezident İlham Əliyev Ağdamda.

Prezident İlham Əliyev Ağdamda.

Baku/28.05.21/Turan: The General Plan of the city of Aghdam will be approved today, President Ilham Aliyev said, speaking at the ceremony of laying the foundation for the restoration of the city of Aghdam.

The Head of State noted that this Master Plan was presented to him.

"We have been working on this plan for some time, and I would like the famous people of the Agdam district to get acquainted with the General Plan, express their opinion, and with your participation we will hold this wonderful ceremony today," he said.

Aliyev stressed that all the planned plans will be implemented on the basis of the Master Plan and the city of Aghdam will be reconstructed.

"We will build such a city, such Aghdam, which will become an example for the whole world," Aliyev said.—


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