Gasymly: EU must protect their partners

As part of the "Eastern Partnership" Azerbaijan has committed itself to undertake political and economic reforms, open the domestic market for Europe. However, Baku does not think more about it, and on cooperation in the energy sector. "Azerbaijan has not fulfilled obligations relating to human rights and liabilities in the individual programs,"  said  member of the  Board of REAL Movement Azer Gasymly.

According to him, the reason is that Azerbaijan is pursuing a policy simulation. "The government understands that in the event of the implementation of these commitments, their power will be weakened. At the same time, Azerbaijan is trying to pursue a balanced policy in order not to offend Russia, fearing complications in Karabakh," he said.

Azerbaijan does not comply with the basic European principles - democracy, free elections, a fair justice system, the fight against corruption.

"Political practice in Azerbaijan is characterized by the inverse processes: strangulation of democracy, human rights violations, increased repression.

The country has completely monopolized the economic and political arena. Political parties in Azerbaijan exist only in words, but the authorities have created for themselves "pocket" opposition.

As a result, voters do not believe in elections and do not participate in them. The last presidential election voter turnout was lower than the previous 20-25%, " said Gasymly.

Another problem is that the program "Eastern Partnership" does not protect the Partnership countries on Russia. This is another reason why Azerbaijan especially in Europe does not drag. Baku at the same time is distancing itself  from the Eurasian and the Customs Union. What is happening in Ukraine should be a lesson for both the West and the CIS countries. "The lesson is that the EU should implement the former Soviet Union and a more active policy to think about protecting their partners", - said Gasymly. -03B04-

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