Ministry of Justice of Russia instructed the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate the case of Allahveranov

Baku/14.11.17/Turan: The Ministry of Justice of Russia ordered the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation to conduct a prosecutor's investigation of the case of AnarAllahveranov and inform the Assembly of World Azerbaijanis (AAM) about this.

The Assembly of the World Azerbaijanis (AWA) based in Germany appealed to the Russian authorities to objectively investigate the case of AnarAllahveranov accused of the murder of the Russian athlete Andrei Drachev.

"Law enforcement agencies have brought a case against Allahveranov. There are attempts to send the case in a false direction and to present it as a crime on national grounds, and to sentence Allahveranov to life imprisonment," says AWA"s appeal to the Prosecutor General, the Minister of Justice, the head of the FSB, the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, the Ombudsman, the Presidential administration and the State Duma.

The authors of the appeal note with regret that "a purely domestic dispute" between an Azerbaijani, AnarAllahveranov, who is Russia"s citizen, and Andrei Drachev turned into a fight, as a result of which the latter died.

The authors of the appeal express their regret at the loss of the "talented and promising athlete" and convey the words of condolences to his family and friends.

Russia and Azerbaijan are two friendly countries based on strong cooperation. In Russia, hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis live in friendship and peace with Russians, and tens of thousands of Russians live in a friendly atmosphere without discrimination in Azerbaijan.

Despite the fact that the accused AnarAllahveranov was found guilty under Article 111 (4) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (causing serious damage to health, leading to death by negligence), later this incident was given an interethnic character. Therefore, the appeal contains a request to take the case of AnarAllahveranov under personal control and not allow it to be given a national and ethnic character.

* On August 20, in Khabarovsk, there was a fight between the world and European champion in powerlifting Andrei Drachev and AnarAllhveranov, engaged in martial arts. The fight ended with the death of Drachev.

On September 14 Allahveranov surrendered to the police.

The criminal case was initially filed under the article Deliberate Infliction of Serious Harm to Health, Which Caused Death of Victim through Negligence. Later, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation turned the case into a murder committed out of hooliganism. -06D--

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