В.Путин выступает 16 мая на открытии  саммита ОДКБ в Москве. Скриншот

В.Путин выступает 16 мая на открытии  саммита ОДКБ в Москве. Скриншот

Baku/18.05.22/Turan: Speaking at the opening of the CSTO summit in Moscow on May 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin hesitated before naming the anniversary month of the CSTO.

After some hesitation, Putin went ahead as saying "this month".

Here is a fragment of Putin's speech: "...30 years ago the Collective Security Treaty was signed, and 20 years ago, on the basis of this treaty, the Collective Security Treaty Organization was set up  which means that in fact we have two anniversaries, practically on the same day - 14 and 15 ... ah ...(sigh, smile) of this month in 1992 and 2002 respectively".  

Putin covered up the mishap with a pat on the arm, a smile and an address "I congratulate you on this event".

Experts believe this condition also manifests itself among quite healthy people. Situations where an appropriate word seems to be missing, and yet it is very close, swirling on the tip of the tongue, are common to all of us, but these are not necessarily associated with age-related changes and illnesses. It is certainly not a good idea to judge an oncoming dementia by this phenomenon. -0-

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