Russian peacekeepers did not let Armenian deputies enter to Karabakh

Baku/12.04.22/Turan: 17 members of the Armenian parliament representing the opposition were not allowed come to Karabakh on April 12. Russian peacekeepers blocked  them at the entrance to Lachin.

Spending  several hours in the village of Zabukh, they talked with the “members of parliament” of Karabakh who had come to meet them.

It should be noted that those who arrived from Yerevan are headed by a war criminal, the former Minister of Defense of Armenia and one of the executioners of Khojaly massacere - Seyran Ohanyan.

According to Armenian media reports, supporters of Robert Kocharyan and Dashnaks who arrived from Yerevan intended to organize some kind of event in Karabakh. The purpose of this action was to support the struggle for the independence of Karabakh.

We may suppose that the entry of deputies was blocked at the request of Baku. -02B-


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