State Security Service identifies individuals involved in Baku provocative videos ordered by Armenians

Baku/06.05.23/Turan: The State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan has identified individuals involved in provocative videos of Armenian special services.

These individuals were involved in videos in Baku that were distributed by the Armenian radical group "Xaytarak" on social networks.

Various videos were made with the group's emblem and in this way it tried to create an image of its network in Azerbaijan. Videos with the emblem of radical groups "Xaytarak" and "Erməni Ari dövləti" were filmed including in the Alley of Shehids.

In the course of investigative actions, Russian-born, Italian citizen Yana Gutselyu, who came to Baku with her family for travel, working in the tourism sector of Azerbaijan Elena Lariontseva, and Russian citizen, ethnic Azerbaijan Lala Bayramova were detained.

They were induced to cooperate through social media and made a video for Armenians in exchange for a monetary reward.

The SSS also identified the founder and administrators of the "Xaytarak" telegram channel. These are Gurgen Torosyan, Sarkis Harutyunyan, Igor Akopjanyan and Artur Martirosyan, all of whom live in Russia.

The Special Service warned that it will continue to act firmly against provocations and attempts to sow panic among the population, and all the perpetrators will be brought to justice. -06B-

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