Turkey Refuses to Be Donor to Council of Europe

According to the updated report, Turkey has limited the financing of the Council of Europe by the amount of its membership fee.

Two years ago, Turkey voluntarily increased the amount of its membership fee and became one of the main donors of the Council of Europe. However, against the background of sharp criticism of human rights problems in Turkey, Ankara apparently decided to "punish" the CoE. -0-

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Turkey Refuses to Finance Council of Europe

Baku / 08.11.17 / Turan: Turkey suspended financing of the Council of Europe. This is stated in the official letter of the Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Çavuşhoglu to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland.

This information was confirmed for Turan by two international human rights organizations. According to the same sources, the reason for such a decision of Ankara was the PACE award of the international human rights prize named after Václav Havel to the judge Murat Arslan imprisoned in Turkey.

Turkey's contribution to the CE budget is $ 20 million, which is 16% of its total. Taking into account the fact that earlier Russia also suspended financing, the CE will face serious difficulties. With a great deal of confidence, we can talk about synchronizing the actions of Moscow and Ankara.

In fact, the fate of the Council of Europe as an international organization promoting European democratic values ​​is at stake. It is obvious that if the Western democracies do not adequately respond to these challenges and blackmail by those who want to subordinate the Council of Europe to their authoritarian ambitions, then the organization's activities will be paralyzed. -06D--

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