55 kg of drugs seized on southern border in recent days

Baku/12.05.20/Turan: Over the past three days, border guards seized a total of 55 kg of drugs on the Iran-Azerbaijan border. 

On May 10, the State Border Service informed that in Astara region, near the Iranian border, a bag was found with three packages, inside of which there were: 11.9 kg of drugs - marijuana, heroin, opium, methamphetamine and methadone.

On the same day, in the operation, together with the police, a bundle of 5.5 kg of heroin was found in the village of Pelikyash, Astara District.

On May 11, near the village of Ahmedli of the Beylagan region, a border violator was replaced, who, after ordering to stop, rushed to run back to Iran. When examining an abandoned bag, 37.9 kg of drugs were found: opium, heroin and marijuana. -02D-


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