Cell-mate of Leyla Yunus will not complain about the editor of "Azadlig"

Today in Baku Yasamal court held Another hearing on the suit of  Nuria Huseynova, cellmate of the  human rights activist Leyla Yunus, against a lawyer Alaif Hasanov took place in the Yasamal district court of Baku.  The lawyer unveiled facts physical pressure  by Huseynova on Yunus in the chamber insulator, where  they were placed together.

His report was published in the newspaper "Azadlig"  on September 17, 2014. After that Huseynova said that the lawyer called her  "a criminal",  and called herself insulted.

However, Huseynova has  been jailed before, and  the word “criminal” is applied  just to this category of persons, and  cannot be regarded an insult, the lawyer said.

Preliminary hearing on the lawsuit was held on September 29 in  the Sabunchu court which  sent  the case to the  Yasamal Court.

Later the plaintiff complained also about the chief editor of "Azadlig",  Ganimat Zahid. Hearings were postponed several times. The next meeting was scheduled for 29 October, but  at today's session Huseynova refused to claim against  Zahid.

The judge scheduled the next hearing for November 5. -03B06-

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