Expert and MP Call Reasons for Increase in Prices

The rise in prices in Azerbaijan has objective and subjective reasons, the economist, executive secretary of the REAL movement Natig Jafarli said in an interview with Turan.

 Commenting on the situation with rising prices in the consumer market on the eve of the Novruz holiday, Jafarli also drew attention to the "local specifics" of Azerbaijan.

 "Local specificity" is that in the entire civilized world, prices go down on the eve of holidays, but in Azerbaijan there is a rise in prices.

The price increase is not related to the exchange rate. The reason for the rise in prices is the dictates of monopolists," said Jafarli.

On the other hand, he continued, after the winter season the volume of local products is reduced, because for their long-term storage there is no corresponding infrastructure.

At the same time, the dominance of imported products occurs and prices rise.

According to Jafarli, there are opportunities for lower prices. "To do this, we must create an atmosphere of intense competition and eliminate all obstacles to the activities of entrepreneurs. Another way is a seasonal exemption from customs and tax fees for imported food products," Jafarli said.

 The Chairman of the National Revival Movement Party, MP Faraj Guliyev believes that prices in the country have increased by at least 15 percent.

 The reasons for this are the still continuing oil dependence of the economy and the lack of normal conditions for business.

In his view, a number of types of products can be produced domestically, but some monopoly officials are not interested in this.

Guliyev also drew attention to the fact that the money of the Oil Fund is placed abroad at low 3 percent. In his view, some of these funds can be used to lend to domestic businesses at low interest rates.

In particular, he suggests giving out loans mainly to young people for business development in the regions of the country. This would solve the social problems of youth.

According to Guliyev, loans allocated for the development of entrepreneurship in the regions by the order of President Ilham Aliyev reach the addresses to a very small extent.

The MP also criticized the spending of tens of millions for the construction and repair of administrative buildings of state bodies, although these funds could be sent to production and the opening of new jobs. -06D--

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