Gas meters  of �Azerigaz�   with low batteries

Baku/15.11.18/Turan: With cold weather the population faced the problem of dead batteries in gas smart meters installed by Azerigaz software. The family of Farida Aliyeva (Turan, 89A, 89A, Zardabi Avenue) who turned to Turan for the fourth day does not receive gas, and therefore cannot heat the apartment, cook food and bathe. Azerigaz reported that the extinct screen of the gas meter indicates that the battery is "dead". Only the Azerigaz repair team has the right to replace it. To do this, the masters must come to the apartment, take off the meter and replace it with a new one with a new battery. Repairmen do not come, although residents of the apartment constantly call all Azerigaz numbers. The apartment has two small children.

The subscriber service (tel. 104/184) of Azerigaz told Turan that so many people in need of gas meters in Baku that repairmen are unable to provide apartments with new appliances. Meters with used batteries are collected at a warehouse of a private company, which, under an agreement with Azerigaz, is engaged in repairing and checking meters. The company is waiting for new batteries. How many families in Baku have faced this problem, when will new batteries be delivered and how soon will all needy apartments be supplied with domestic gas? The subscriber service of Azerigas did not answer these questions. They say they have no information.

3.6 V batteries are installed in gas meters, and people could easily replace themselves, as they do with their TV remotes. But according to the rules of Azerigaz, the intervention of subscribers in the work of the meters is punishable by a fine; however, Azerigas , apparently, cannot replace batteries on time and on-site.

Contact numbers indicated on the Azerigaz website. az do not function.

According to internal procedures, the batteries in the meters are replaced during the scheduled inspections of these devices in a specialized company cooperating with the Azerigaz software. Gas smart meters have been installed in Baku since 2013. Consequently, with each new year the number of these devices needing a routine check with the replacement of batteries will increase. According to 2017, in Baku there are 539 thousand subscribers among the population. This shows that Azerigaz"s software is not ready to solve the problem of dead batteries. -0-

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