General Prosecutor Office bans a human rights activist to leave the country

General Prosecutor Office  imposed has prohibited a human rights activist Rasul Jafarov to leave the country, Jafarov himself told Turan.

On July 28 evening, he took the train to Tbilisi, but  on June 29 in the morning, at the station Beyuk Kiasik, border guards did not allow him to leave the country. As it turned out, the ban was introduced on July 25. Previously the public prosecutor arrested bank accounts  of Jafarov. So, on July 6 in Kiev Jafarov could not use his bank cards.

On July 7 the bank "Republic" explained it by "technical problems", but later reported the court’s decision to arrest accounts. On July 16 Jafarov appealed to Sabail court, demanding  to present him the court decision on the arrest  of his accounts.  The case has not been considered yet.

Jafarov does not understand the reasons for these restrictions, since  he is not a witness  or accused on  any criminal case. He has not been even summoned to the prosecutor office. For this reason,  on July 30, he filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General.

The human rights activist said that the sanctions against him is the answer of the authorities to the presentation of the report at the PACE session in Strasbourg in June on human rights violations in Azerbaijan. After that pro-government media started  a black PR campaign against human rights activist.

In recent years Jafarov  is one of the  country’s most active  human rights activists. He is currently coordinator of the campaign “The Art of Democracy.”-06C-

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