Human rights activists call on to stop pressure on political prisoners and release them

Baku / 01.24.19 / Turan: Despite the cessation of a new criminal charge against the blogger Mehman Huseynov, 150 political prisoners are still in prison.

Moreover, by "losing" in the question of M. Huseynov, the government takes revenge from other political prisoners, reads the statement by the Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners (CPPP).

Thus, in the Gobustan prison, the leader of the Muslim Unity movement, Tale Baghirzade, caused himself physical injuries because of the physical and moral pressure on him.

Another activist of the movement Abbas Huseynov, because of a complaint to the court against the head of the Gobustan prison Avtandil Agayev, was severely beaten and sent to Baku pre-trial detention center-1. For the past 15 days, he has not been given meetings with his relatives.

In jail N 16, provocations are made against journalist Afgan Mukhtarly.

After the National Council rally on January 19, about 50 public activists were subjected to administrative arrests and fines.

During the trial in the case of the PFPA activists, came new information about torture in the Directorate General for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Despite repeated acts of torture of those arrested in this administration, no measures have been taken against its staff. CAPP called for verification of the activities of the CPPP and the punishment of those responsible.

The CPPP called on the authorities to ensure freedom of expression and assembly, to stop calls to the police for participants in the opposition rally.

The CPPP calls on the authorities to release all political prisoners, including Mehman Huseynov. -06D-

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