Ilgar Mamedov and Tofiq Yagublu are sentenced to seven and five years (UPDATED)

Today Sheki  Serious Crimes Court  sentenced  18 defendants in Ismayilli events. The court sentenced the leader of the "REAL" Ilgar Mammadov to 7 years  of imprisonment, and deputy chairman of "Musavat" ,Tofig Yagublu, to 5 years  of imprisonment.

The other 16 defendants  were sentenced to the following periods: Saftar Agamalyev, Anar Hasanov and Vasif Ibrahimov - 8 years of imprisonment, Elshan Ismailly - 5.5 years,  Elshan Gurbanov - 5 years, Ganbar Agamalyev -4.5 years , Jafar Jafarov - 4.5 years , Shukran Muhbalyev - 2.5 years

Another group was sentenced to imprisonment  on probation - Shakir Mustafayev ( 3.5 years ) , Jeyhun Abbasov ( 3.5 years ) , Sakhavat Samedov ( 3.5 years ) , Khayal Sharanov ( 3.5 years ) , Rashid Mamedov (3 years), Dashgin Agayev (3 years) , Aydin Jabbarov ( 3 years), and Mirkazym Abdullayev (3 years.)

The judge adopted  decision to complain to the bar association against Mamedov’s lawyers,  Khalid Bagirov and Fuad Agayev.

All defendants  were convicted under  the Articles 220.1 ( organization of mass riots ) and 315.2 . (the use of violence against police officers dangerous for their life and health.)

Some of the accused were found guilty under  the Article 180.1 (robbery.) Most of them did not recognize guilt, and some pleaded guilty in part.

Observers note that the trial was conducted in gross violation. Throughout the trial 18 people were kept behind a cage. The court not only rejected the defense motion, but also put pressure on lawyers and fined Fuad Agayev.

The prosecutor and the judge put pressure on witnesses. At the same time, many of the witnesses said that the preliminary investigation was given under pressure. Many witnesses have not identified among the defendants  the rioters. Not any  evidence against Mamedov and Yagublu were submitted. They were in Ismailly on  January 24 for one hour , and  the place of their presence was quiet; this is confirmed by video footage.

Authoritative international organizations have repeatedly demanded to release Ilgar Mamedov and Tofig Yagublu , calling the accusations against them  rigged and politically motivated. Amnesty International recognized them "prisoners of conscience."

* On  January 23-24, 2013 mass riots took place in  Ismailly, the reason for this was the boorish behavior of a group of people who are  close relatives and chief executive. This caused outrage and protests by locals who burned hotel "Chirag", and then in clashes between police and local residents demanded the resignation of  the refgion’s leadership.—06D-

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2014 March 17 (Monday) 14:50:03

The Sheki Court of Grave Crimes today began sentencing 18 people accused of involvement in the Ismayilli events.

When the composition of judges entered the room, the head of the movement REAL Ilgar Mamedov did not stand up, saying, "there is no judgment." He was sitting when listening to the verdict.

The Deputy Chairman of Musavat, Tofig Yagublu, on the opposite, stood up for the first time in the trial and said: "I am standing up to accept the verdict with dignity," holding a portrait of Mamed Emin Rasulzadeh.

After the break, sentencing will be continued. Earlier, the prosecutor offered to condemn the accused for various periods - from 4 to 9 years imprisonment.

* January 23-24, 2013 riots took place in Ismayilli. The reason for this was the boorish behaviour of a group of people, who were close relatives of the chief executive. This caused outrage and protests by locals who burned the hotel Chirag and then in clashes between police and local residents demanded the resignation of district leadership. -06D-

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