Lawyer not allowed to Afghan Mukhtarly

Baku/25.04.19/ Turan: In connection with the statement of Leyla Mustafayeva, the wife of Afgan Mukhtarly, about the restriction of the journalist"s rights in imprisonment and possible provocation against him, lawyer Neymat Karimli went to jail No. 16 on August 25 to meet with his client.

However, the lawyer Kerimli, and the head of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili, who arrived with Kerimli to the jail, were not allowed to meet with the journalist under the pretext of a "not working day".

The lawyer called the refusal to meet with the client illegal.

According to him, the lawyer has the right to meet with his client in places of detention in a confidential atmosphere at any time. "The refusal to meet further strengthened our concern for Afgan Mukhtarli in connection with a possible provocation against him," Karimli said.

Hajili, a former political prisoner himself, also pointed out the unreasonable refusal to meet with Mukhtarli.

He said that when he was a prisoner, convicts were given meetings on weekends, with not only relatives, but also friends and acquaintances who came with them.

It was not possible to receive comments from the Prison Service. -0-


Afghan Mukhtarli declared restriction of his rights in jail

Baku/24.08.19/Turan: Journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, serving his prison sentence, faced a number of restrictions in the jail No.7, he said about it on 24 August on telephone to his wife Leila Mustafayeva, who is in political emigration in Europe.

According to her, Mukhtarli is not allowed to call his lawyer Neymat Karimli.

The journalist was not given the money sent by his friend, as well as the book "New Authoritarianism and Azerbaijan," written by opposition politician Elman Fattah.

"They keep the book for two weeks and do not give it to Afghan although this book was published in Azerbaijan and is not officially banned," Mustafayeva said.

The journalist fears provocation against him.

The lawyer Karimli told Turan that he would try to meet with Mukhtarly in the coming days and clarify all issues.

An investigative journalist, Afgan Mukhtarli, was abducted in Tbilisi in May 2017 and secretly transferred to Azerbaijan, where he was accused of smuggling, illegal border crossing, violence against the border guard and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Mukhtarly"s arrest was condemned by the European Parliament, international human rights organizations condemned the arrest of Mukhrtarli. Amnesty International recognized him as a "prisoner of conscience." - 21B--

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