National Platform of the Eastern Partnership of the battles in Karabakh

Azerbaijan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership issued a statement in connection with the recent clashes in the Karabakh front. Authors remind that since the beginning of April 1993 and in the next five  months with the support of Russia Armenia 20% of Azerbaijani territory has been occupied.

Twenty three years after this date,  on April 2, 2016,  intense clashes resumed. As a result of provocation of Armenians 31 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed.

Azerbaijan National Platform Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership program encourages exert pressure on Armenia to fulfill UN Security Council resolutions, the OSCE and other international structures.

The only way to resolve the Karabakh conflict is the withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from Azerbaijani territories. The  Karabakh problem should be solved within the framework of international law, with the restoration of sustainable peace in the region.

The Platform was created in 2009, its goal  is to support Azerbaijan's participation in the  same name Program of the EU, the achievement of European integration by the country. Currently,  the Platform  unites 49 NGOs of Azerbaijan. -0-

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