Next wave of forced seizure of property in Baku

Threat of forced seizure of property is  over a group of tenants of houses along the street Dilara Aliyeva. It is next to the infamous "Winter boulevard", built on the site of the demolished houses on the streets Fizuli, Sh.Badalbeyli, M.Aliyev, and S.Vurgun.

The demolition area is expanding, as before, all the works are  led by representatives of the Baku Mayor Office, told residents at a press conference at the Media Center.

According to Solmaz Gafarova, a resident of the house at Dilara Aliyeva, 183,  an employee  of the Mayor Office , Zulfali  Ismailov, is  ignoring the decision of the Baku Administrative Economic Court of N 1 to suspend the demolition of the house.

Gafarova said that, as an owner of property, she  estimated the value of her apartment, and does not agree with the prices imposed by the city administration.

In order to force the landlord to sell the house, a  number of  men were sent to her house to steel some things. Because of a nervous  shock  the woman has lost 60% of vision.

    Bashkhanym Abbasli, residing at 195 D.Aliyeva sees what is happening, as bureaucratic arbitrariness. According to her, the tenants are face to face with organized crime.

Victor Matveev, who lives in his house  since 1959 does not want to move out. He is ready to leave the apartment if he is given  an adequate apartment in the center of the city.

Nushaba Gurbanova , said that a small compensation because of small area , she will not be able to buy a house. Her husband is a bedridden patient. "We're not going anywhere, even if they destroy the house," said Gurbanova.

     Suraya Rahima lives on the street Jalil  Mamedkulizade (former Papanin.) It is not known who demolishes houses in this area. At first, people were told that the houses are being demolished for the construction of the subway, but then it was found that there is private building.

Residents said they will continue to fight for their rights until the end, and will even  reach the European Court of Human Rights.-05C


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