Press Review 10.10.14

Official newspapers report the working visit of President Ilham Aliyev to the Minsk CIS summit.


The newspaper Azadlig is investigating a criminal case against the judge Hasan Aliyev and reveals the mechanism of corruption in the highest echelons of power.

The rally appointed by the National Council for October 12 will demand the release of political prisoners and support families of the convicted activists.

Experts are ironic about Aliyev's statements on the economic development of the country, recalling that 2.5 million citizens are in debt on bank loans.

Experts believe that the estrangement of Azerbaijan from the West by Ilham Aliyev is opening the way for radical Islamists to Azerbaijan.


Express draws attention to the growth of intra-crime. Experts believe that people, who cannot find solutions to social problems, rip aggression within the family.

500 of the 2,900 villages of the South (Iranian Azerbaijan) have been left by the population – the people have migrated to the cities.


Echo writes about the forecasts of fall in the price of oil to $ 60 per barrel.


Bizim Yol: Residents of the block of flats in Bilajari, where this week there was an explosion, left their homes, as they fear a repetition of the explosion.


Yeni Musavat argues that the new capital of the country is to be built in the Alat settlement. The newspaper calls it a huge project from Ilham Aliyev.

Former MPs that signed the Act of Independence of Azerbaijan in October 1991 addressed to Ilham Aliyev, calling to restore Oct. 18 as Independence Day.

"The third sector is on its last breath," the newspaper comments the new innovation in the NGO legislation toughening the conditions for financing NGOs. -0

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