Damage to vehicles will be calculated automatically

The Bureau of Compulsory Insurance is going to introduce an automatic calculation of damage to vehicles.

As the executive director of the accumulating structure Elkhan Guliyev told Turan, this is due to the fact that each insurer at its discretion pays the money into the accident. A large number of conflicts between the owners of cars and companies, including lawsuits, are forcing the Bureau to decide to develop a new payment option.

The principle is simple innovations. Created an automated information system that fit the price of all kinds of spare parts and the average prices for the capital repair them. In fact the accident conducted an inventory of the damaged vehicle, resulting in "displayed" amount payable. The scoring system will be the same for the insured, insurers and all other market participants, and the evaluation procedure will take not weeks, as before, but a few minutes, said the director.

The system will be implemented in a single information network of the Bureau and any user can enter it without restrictions.

The development of the system is arranged by the programmers of one of the leading companies, Audateks. Its database contains information on 47 000 car models and 47 million types and modifications of spare parts. - 17D-

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