DemirBank on Novruz holiday offers new credit action

DemirBank, on the occasion of Novruz, offers customers additional options for credit.

DemirBank from March 1 to 26, 2013 offers extra credit 1000 manats current customers with a good credit history for the business and consumer loans at least 6 months. Positive credit history is determined by the respective formula. Crediting is based on the identification card. It is 500 manat issued to customers who have a loan of up to 5000 manats and 1000 manat - to customers who have a loan from 5001 to 10,000 manat.

DemirBank also offers customers to apply for loans, which in addition to the amount of 500 manats are assumed under the terms of the loan. Customers who receive a mortgage, car loans, leasing or loan program with partners, can be additionally provided a line of credit in the amount of 500 manats. The action is held from 1 to 31 March 2013 the first year.

DemirBank offers various types of loans - loans to micro and small businesses, mortgage loans, car loans, loans for education and health care workers, to government workers and civil servants, loans for the purchase of furniture and household equipment, loans for repairs and other consumer loans.

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