Reports and Issues at Day of Entrepreneurs Conference

Baku hosts a conference devoted to the establishment of Entrepreneurs Day.

According to the head of the State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan Aydin Aliyev, this department and the Ministry of Taxes prepared a joint package of proposals to support and encourage investment directed to the government. The essence of the document is the revision of customs duties and taxes, support of the development of domestic production and protection of the local investors market. Already started the process of electronic declaration, "green corridors” are created and deposits at customs are opened, he said.

At the same time, in his speech, the President of Azersun Holding Abdulbori Gezal told about the problems of access to external markets, although, according to him, they can cover the domestic demand at the expense of their own production.

He considers necessary the reduction in the government’s involvement in commercial activities, reducing it to creating more favorable conditions for private enterprise, including the formation of partnerships with businessmen. --17D-

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