Azerbaijan strengthens missile forces and air defense

Azerbaijan purchased from Pakistan modern ballistic missiles of medium and short range and similar Israeli-made missiles, according to Pakistani media.

According to the same sources, the negotiations on this issue began in May and ended in August.

Rockets from Israel Military Industries (IMI) have the caliber of 306 mm, the length of 3.97 m, the launch weight of 450 kg and the warhead weight of 125 kg.

The Pakistani missile Shaheen-1 is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 750 km, while Hatf-4 is an improved version of the missile Shaheen-1 with a longer range. The range of advanced missiles, Shaheen-1A (Hatf-4) is about 3,000 km. According to the website Pakistani Defense, these missiles are highly accurate and impervious to air defense. They are designed to destroy strategic facilities, command centers and infrastructure.

At the same time, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported that Azerbaijan received medium range ballistic missiles Extra of Israeli production (130 km) and long-range missiles (2,000 km) from Pakistan.

In addition, Israeli media reported on Azerbaijan’s acquisition of the Air Defense System Spider, designed to intercept medium and short-range missiles and enemy aircraft. -02D-

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