Devolution of power within the ruling elite

Baku/11.04.14/Turan : In the upper echelons of Azerbaijan continues the process of redistribution of power after the removal from office of the Head of the Political Analysis and Information Support Department of the Presidential Administration Elnur Aslanov .

According to some reports, this department is abolished and its powers transferred to the socio-political department , whose head, Ali Hasanov had long competed with Elnur Aslanov.

According to some reports, a sector to work with youth organizations has been established under Hasanov's department. As you know, earlier this sphere was overseen by Aslanov.

At the same time , today it became known on the termination of online Yurd TV , which was also a "brainchild" of Aslanov.

At the same time the media started an information attack on the pro-government youth association Ireli. This organization has always positioned itself as the new face of modern, advanced youth of Azerbaijan, which support their leader, President Ilham Aliyev.

Now, however, "investigative journalists " accuse it of receiving grants from the United States and aiding U.S. interests and subversion, which was expressed in the dissemination of knowledge among young people about social networks.

It turns out that Ireli was almost involved with the CIA and received more aid from the Americans than NIDA did, accused by the authorities of the preparation of a "color revolution " commissioned by the United States. But NIDA funding from the National Democratic Institute of the U.S. was not proved by the investigation.

But the defeat of the Elnur Aslanov group of supporters is obvious. Aslanov dropped to the level of head of department in the Ministry of Communications. It is a victory of the grouping of Ali Hasanov.

However, the most confusing in this situation is how Ilham Aliyev could bet on Ali Hasanov. -06D-

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