New Regulations in Government Agencies in Relation to Measures against Spread of Corona Virus

Baku / 16.03.20 / Turan: Signed by the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Ali Asadov, new regulations on measures against COVID-19 were sent to the heads of central and local executive bodies to prevent the spread of the infection. This was announced late at night by the operational headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.

In particular, the head of government prescribes that meetings be held primarily through intercom, telephone, and the Internet.

It is recommended where it is possible to provide employees with remote work.

It is recommended that persons over 60 and women with young children should enjoy benefits in their working hours.

It is also forbidden to admit to work employees who have a family member sick with the flu or colds.
All business trips are suspended, except in special cases.

Reception of citizens in state institutions is postponed.

It is proposed to organize an electronic form for receiving citizens' applications.

These measures do not apply to law enforcement and military officials, special-purpose facilities operating continuously, and medical facilities.— 06В-


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