PFPA activist arrested on charges of drug possession

August 11 armed police came to the house of the father of a PFPA activist, journalist of the newspaper Azadlig Natig Adilov in Sabirabad.

"Armed men in masks that came to our place found a package under my sister's pillow and declared its contents a “drug”. At the same time, they arrested my brother Murad and took him with them," Natig Adilov told Turan.

The journalist does not exclude that it is done by the power for his critical publications in the newspaper Azadlig and on the opposition television program Azerbaijan Saati (Hour of Azerbaijan). At the same time, his brother could be punished for his active work as an activist in the Popular Front Party in Sabirabad.

Murad Adilov had been detained by police before. In February, he was also detained and subjected to administrative detention.

In turn, the press service of the Interior Ministry told Turan that the operation was done by the staff of the Office for Fight against Drug Trafficking. At Murad Adilov they seized 114 grams of hashish and 7.4 g. of marijuana. During the search of his apartment they found 685 gr. of marijuana. A criminal case was filed and Adilov was arrested.

In detention of Adilov there are no political motives, said the spokesman. -03B-

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