Putin does not oppose sending troops to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a "hot line" answered the question  on the possibility of deployment the Russian contingent to the east of Ukraine.

"The national and ethnic composition  of Crimea  differs from the composition of the south- east  of Ukraine. We know that we must help these people to defend their rights and to choose their own destiny. We have the right to use the Russian armed forces in eastern Ukraine. I hope that I will not use this right," Putin said, and explained what is required for this. Ukraine should immediately lift the blockade of Transnistria. "People’s mood is  pro-Russian. This is a manifestation of democracy, if we allow these people to do what they want.  It is necessary to conduct a dialogue with Moldova, Ukraine, and  to ratify negotiations "5 +2." Eventually, it is necessary to lift the blockade, nationalist formations have  already been brought to Transdniestria,  it should be prevented," Putin said.

Finally, people should be allowed to  decide their own fate, and we together with our partners  should  work on it, he added.

He also said that Russia did not separated the Crimea by force, it only  created the conditions for the free will of the people. "The  decision on the accession was adopted  by people themselves, and  Russia made ​​this decision. The fact  of  force in international affairs has always been, is and will be,"  he said.

According to Putin , the desire to embroil Russia and Ukraine  has been a subject of international politics for centuries. " Some forces are afraid of our strength. Yugoslavia was cut into small pieces. Same want to do to us,"  said the president.

"The matter is not the events in the Crimea. Let's remember what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan , Libya, and elsewhere. Around the world  there was an illusion that everything can be solved by force, and we will try to comply with international law,"  said Putin.

He also acknowledged the use of the Russian military in the Crimea, though previously  he himself  denied it.

All these  statements can be considered a response  of Putin to the demands of the West and Ukraine itself to stop pressure on Kiev, and withdraw its troops from the eastern regions of Ukraine. -02D-

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