REAL transformed into a political party

The transformation of the civil movement Republican Alternative (REAL) into a political party of the same name started. May 28 the founding conference was held by the initiative group of the party. This event was timed to the Day of the Republic.

The conference was delivered a welcome address from the imprisoned leader of REAL Ilgar Mamedov. A Board member of REAL, lawyer Erkin Gadirli presented the draft program of the party. It states that the party is for the transformation of Azerbaijan from a presidential to a parliamentary republic.

The executive power will be formed by the government appointed by the parliament. REAL also intends to change the administrative-territorial division of the country.

Instead of the current system of division into smaller areas, inherited from the Soviet times, it is supposed to create regional administrative units in provinces. Total in the country it is supposed to create 20 provinces, each of which will be present on 3-5 areas. The name of district administrative units, which will continue as part of the provinces, will be renamed as counties.

Under the territorial reform REAL intends to build its party structure, too. By the number of provinces it is expected to create 20 regional councils of the party. In this, primary organizations will be created in electoral districts (125 districts).

This principle provides for the effective conduct of election campaigns.

REAL is also for the power decentralization and devolution of responsibilities to the regions. Leaders are supposed to be elected by the population.

REAL offers to transfer local authorities to municipalities. In this guide the cities will elect mayors.

With regard to foreign policy, REAL stands for the country's integration into the Euro-Atlantic area - the country's accession to the WTO, NATO and the EU.

The program provides for liberal economic policies, the development of free enterprise, environmental protection, etc., while maintaining free health care and education.

As the executive secretary of REAL, Natig Jafarli said,  until the end of the year it is supposed to create 20 regional organizations of REAL, which will choose delegates to the constituent congress of the party, which will take place exactly one year later - May 28, 2015.

REAL will be prepared in parallel to the municipal elections to be held in December 2014 and has begun preparations for the parliamentary elections in November 2015.

On the creation of REAL announced in 2008, the movement began its practice in January 2009.

The REAL leader Ilgar Mamedov was sentenced to 7 years in prison in connection with the events in Ismayilly in January 2013. On May 22 the European Court of Human Rights upheld his complaint against the illegal arrest and found violation of his rights guaranteed by the European Convention. -06C-

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