Russian Ambassador is handed a note of protest

Today Russia's Ambassador  to Azerbaijan, Vladimir Dorokhin, was invited to the Foreign Ministry, where Deputy Foreign Minister, Mahmud Mammadguliyev, handed him a note of protest in connection with the placement on the website of the state news agency of Russia, "RIA-Novosti"  an article " Over 25 years Karabakh  learned to be unrecognized. "

According to the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, Mammadguliyev informed the Ambassador  about growing number of anti-Azerbaijani articles in the recent Russian media. This casts a shadow on the mediating role of Russia in the Karabakh settlement process, as a co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group.

In this same article, "RIA-Novosti" distorted realities that are calling for the promotion of separatism and extremism, disrespect of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

This is contrary to the provision of the treaty between the two countries signed on July 3, 1997 on "friendship, cooperation and mutual security."

The publication in the Russian government agency such  a provocative article  is contrary to    the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and  is harmful.

Since  yesterday a number of pro-government media in Azerbaijan  began to criticize "RIA Novosti". However, the Azerbaijani authorities themselves,  for many years, have  opened the green light for this agency in Azerbaijan.

Thus, the branch of the agency is located in a building owned by a senior official of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan.

Many of the pro-government media are neighbors in the same building. At one time, the state newspaper of Azerbaijan isolated whole columns for messages  of "RIA-Novosti" that was presented as a manifestation of successful cooperation in  humanitarian sphere. -16D-


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