The candidate and observer faced problems at the entrance to Nardaran

Baku/07.02.20/Turan: Zemfira Huseynova, a candidate for deputy in the 28th Sabunchu third district, and human rights activist Elshan Hasanov, registered with the CEC as an observer throughout the country, faced obstacles when entering the village of Nardaran.

“We were stopped by the police and are not letting us in to Nardaran. They are reporting somewhere. Each time we came across such obstacles - both in collecting signatures of voters and in distributing campaign materials. The election campaign ends tomorrow. Therefore, I decided to check if my posters were taken off the stands prematurely,” Huseynova told Turan. 

Hasanov, for his part, said that he has observer status throughout the country and can freely visit any district and precinct.

Later they were nevertheless allowed into the village.

“Only after 40 minutes they let us into the village. At the same time, our car was thoroughly checked and then in the village, when we drove to the polling stations, a white "jeep" followed us, "Hasanov said.

He called the police actions unlawful and stated that he would appeal them.

Restrictions on entry into Nardaran were introduced after a special operation in the village on November 26, 2015 in order to detain leaders of the Muslim Unity Movement. –06B-


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