The judge rejects lawsuit against Ali Hasanov

Judge  of Sabail District Court,  Elshad Shamayev, dismissed the lawsuit  against the main ideologist of the authorities, Ali Hasanov, for libel. The suit was filed by the well-known playwright, leader of the National Council, Rustam Ibrahimbayov.

The basis for the suit was an interview of Ali Hasanov, in which he called Ibrahimbeyov "unprofessional" and accused of  his will to build near the Alley of Martyrs a  restaurant and entertainment establishments. Ibrahimbayov regarded it as an insult of honor and dignity, as well as libel.
Initially the  Sabail court did not want to make a claim for forced reasons. Appeals were made, and case reached the Supreme Court, after which the claim was accepted.
Hearings began on June 3, and  were three times postponed  because of the absence of the defendant and his representative.  Finally, on June 28, despite the absence of Hasanov and his representative, the judge rejected the claim.
"This is another confirmation of the lack of independence of the judiciary in Azerbaijan. Hasanov was so confident of his impunity, not  he did not come to the trial, and even did not send his representative. This is an obvious sign of discrimination by the court, " said the lawyer Agayev.
Agayev said that he will consult to  Ibrahimbayov, and perhaps, a complaint will be  filed  against  the court's decision to the European Court of Human Rights. –06C06-

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