Фарман Джейранлы

Фарман Джейранлы

Baku / 10.12.18 / Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan (NCDF) made a statement condemning the criminal prosecution in Georgia of the famous scientist and surgeon Farman Jeyranly.

He has been under arrest in Georgia since May 18, 2017 on charges of death of a patient during a liver transplant at the Lancet clinic, of which he is the founder. However, the NCDF believes that the real reason for the arrest is the political order of the Azerbaijani authorities.

"The chairman of the NCDF, Jamil Hasanly, and a member of the NCDF coordinating center, Tofig Yagublu, were once again convinced of this on December 6 at the court of appeal during the trial of Jeyranly," the statement said.

The authors of the document note that the arrest of Farman Jeyranly almost coincided with the detention of Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party Gezal Bayramli upon her return from Georgia and the abduction of journalist Afgan Mukhtarly in Tbilisi.

"These events occurred after the publication in the pro-government press of a "slanderous campaign" calling for the arrest of the said persons. The same media claimed that Farman Jeyranly coordinates and finances the activities of political émigrés in Tbilisi," the NCDF said in a statement.

During the trial in Tbilisi, Jeyranly and his lawyer proved the falsification of the charges with serious arguments. However, the court did not even take into account the conclusion of the expert medical commission on surgery, testifying to the innocence of Jeyranly.

"The repeated transfer of the trial by the Tbilisi Court of Appeal, its artificial delay is another evidence of the political order," the statement said.

The NCDF regrets that in Georgia, which is closest to the standards of a right-wing state and is on the threshold of joining NATO and the EU, such legal chaos occurs.

The NCDF is concerned that the state authorities of Georgia are participating in the prosecution of opponents of the corrupt regime in Azerbaijan, and is demanding the immediate release of Farman Jeyranly. -06D--

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