We should work with Agramunt, and not to boycott him

Regardless of the personality of the PACE rapporteur on political prisoners in Azerbaijan, the fact of bringing this issue to the discussion and the decision to prepare a special report is important, said  the head of the Media Rights Institute, Rashid Hajili, commenting on the appointment of rapporteur on political prisoners in Azerbaijan, a  Spanish deputy Pedro Agramunt.

"Regardless of the identity of the speaker, it is impossible to hide the facts of human rights violations in Azerbaijan. It is necessary to work with the rapporteur, to provide the facts, and not to allow him to submit the erroneous report, and seek to conduct effective discussions," said Hajili.

According to him, civil society activists in Azerbaijan are in a difficult situation.

"We do not have  any opposition deputy  in  PACE. However, we will use the opportunities offered with the appointment  of the rapporteur," said Hajili.  According to him, the speaker must submit a report by September, so it is important now to provide him with suggestions. "We must put forward  a single list of political prisoners, supported by all," said Hajili.

Will human rights defenders work with Agramunt? Answering this question Hajili said that they should work with the rapporteur appointed by PACE, and not to boycott him. Another human rights activist and head of the NGO "Democratic monitor", Fuad Hasanov criticizes the appointment of rapporteur Agramunt.

"What objective job he held in the Monitoring Committee to work objectively in the issue of political prisoners," said Hasanov. He does not rule out that the appointment of Agramunt PACE rapporteur worked factors of "caviar diplomacy." However, it will be harder for  Agramunt than ever to "manipulate" opinion of the Assembly.

"Azerbaijan, as chairman of the Committee of Ministers, is the focus of political prisoners and the problem requires radical solutions. Agramunt will hardly  succeed  to mitigate this urgent topic, said Hasanov. -16В06-

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