Nasibov: There are still threats to our security

Brutally beaten in Nakhchivan August 21 the activist Ilgar Nasibov does not feel safe.

Nasibov returned to Nakhchivan in the evening on September 1 after a brief medical examination in Turkey.

"At the moment I'm going to recover. The doctors said that on the face and edges I have broken bones, "- Nasibov told Turan.

According to him, fractures on the body in places that medical intervention is too late and it takes time, so that they themselves have grown together.

  "Over time, it will heal gradually.

And the eye-hand side of the upper jaw is broken. There's a serious injury, damaged bone. The right side of the face is numb and unfeeling," said Nasibov.

He called false message of MIA NAR that he was beaten on the basis of a domestic conflict.

"These reports are untrue. They can take a printout of my telephone conversations evening of August 21. This man (Farid Asgerov) asked for a meeting, and I went to listen to him. Then he began to speak with other people over the phone. I felt that he receives instructions from them, he was forced to something. He was in a hysterical state, he shook hands, he was afraid. Then, suddenly, he began applying strikes on me, grabbed me by the neck and began to squeeze it.

I lost consciousness. Vaguely remember that people entered the Resource Center and I did not see their faces. But they began to beat me. I was not in myself and I did not feel the pain. When I came to myself, I saw traces of blood on the wall, in the office, everywhere," said Nasibov.

The human rights activist called lies the police version that he and Asgerov drank alcohol, and during the fight, they were allegedly intoxicated.

  "In this process, the authorities are directly involved. They are engaged in fraud. If I would have been the influence of alcohol, they would examine me at the hospital and would make a document about this. However, it was not so," said Nasibov.

Speaking about the reasons for the beating, Nasibov said that the local NAR authorities are worried about the advocacy of the Nasibovs.

Special discontent at the authorities was caused by bringing the case of Turaj Zeynalov, who died in the MNS NAR, to the Strasbourg Court, the beginning of communication on this issue and request to the Government of Azerbaijan.

Nasibov also expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of investigation into the attack on him.

"The attack was on 21 August. Today I was again invited to a forensic examination.

The doctor measured the line of the wound and wrote the opinion. Still under administrative investigation, they have not yet begun a criminal investigation. One feels that they have no intention to objectively investigate the matter," said Nasibov.

According to the human rights activist, he and his family still do not feel safe.

"It is not known what they can still do. There are surveillance and tapped phones. When I go to the doctor, I can see that I am being watched. Some people are interested in us, even the taxi driver asked where I was going," said Nasibov.

Recall that Nasibov was brutally beaten in the evening on August 21 at the Resource Center for NGO development and democracy. Local and international democratic forces were outraged by this cruel act, describing it as revenge by the authorities for exposing violations of human rights in Nakhchivan. However, the police claimed that the incident took place on domestic grounds and even did not open a criminal case. -0

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