Abbas Huseynov Tortured in Gobustan Prison - Lawyer

Baku // Turan: Condemned in "Nardaran case" in Gobustan prison, Abbas Huseynov is subjected to horrible tortures. Turan was told about this by lawyer Yalchin Imanov, referring to Huseynov himself.

Chief of the prison Avtandil Agayev, his deputy Emin Jafarov, employees Ilkin Akhundov, Namig Agayev and workers named Rovshan, Igbal, etc. participated in the tortures. Huseynov himself told the lawyer at the meeting on August 8.

Huseynov said that after the protest action of believers in the Baku Court of Appeal, when they were not given the opportunity to speak with the last word, they were imprisoned in the Kurdakhani detention center for 7 days.

However, two days later, on July 22, he and another convicted Jabbar Jabbarov were taken to the Gobustan prison. As soon as they were brought there, they were immediately handcuffed and dragged along the asphalt.

Huseynov, Jabbarov and another prisoner were put face to face with a wall and kept under the scorching sun. When Huseynov announced his rights, he was told that "here is Gobustan".

An employee named Rovshan, pointing at Huseynov, said: "This person says a lot, explain all to him," after which he was beaten with a truncheon by the ensign Ilkin Akhundov. Then Huseynov was thrown into the punishment cell. Despite the fact that the period of detention in the punishment cell expired on July 25, Huseynov was held there until July 29.

In the punishment cell, the situation is terrible; worms and insects crawl along the floor, the toilet is there and absolute uncleanness reigns.

Huseynov asked them to give him a blank sheet of paper to make a prayer, but they did not do it either.

On July 25, Major Namig Guliyev struck Huseynov with his fists in the stomach and in the face, threatening to torture him with an electric shock and mockingly saying: "A truncheon is an inseparable friend of a prisoner." When Huseynov said that he would complain, the major said that "let you complain where you want." Moreover, an act was drawn up about the alleged insult of the prison staff by Huseynov.

For 17 days in prison, Huseynov was pronounced four reprimands. On July 26, he was taken out of the punishment cell under the pretext of meeting with the commander. However, in the courtyard of the prison, he was tied to an iron post and held for 3 hours under the scorching sun, his hands clasped in handcuffs.

On July 29, despite the completion of the detention in the punishment cell, Huseynov was returned to the punishment cell on the pretext that there were no places in the quarantine.

Huseynov said that on July 29, Taleh Bagirzadeh, leader of the Movement of Muslim Unity, was brought to the Gobustan prison. He was kept in the next cell, and he heard how bad he was feeling. When Bagirzadeh asked the warden Ilkin Akhundov to call a doctor, the warden began to insult the convict.

In response, Huseynov and Jabbarov began to protest, and other prisoners joined their protest, demanding that the warden be punished. The next day it became known that Bagirzadeh was imprisoned in a punishment cell. And Huseynov was threatened with sending to the so-called "tuberculosis zone" (prison for tuberculosis patients).

On August 5 Huseynov in connection with the expiration of the "quarantine" term was received by the chief Avtandil Agayev. When Huseynov began to talk about lawlessness, the chief interrupted, stating: "Here is Gobustan - a place where rights end."

After that Huseynov was thrown to the floor, and the chief began to beat him with a truncheon. The chief struck him 30-35 strokes, including on the head. After that Huseynov was put in a punishment cell for 8 days. In the punishment cell he was knocked down, handcuffed on his arms and legs (actually crucified), and in this condition he was kept in a punishment cell for two days.

According to the lawyer, there are many injuries and bruises on Huseynov's body - the back, the legs, the lower back and the knees. On the wrists and legs, there are traces of handcuffs. Huseynov moves with difficulty, limps on one leg and cannot sit.

On August 9, the lawyer filed a complaint of torture with the General Prosecutor's Office.

The detention period of Huseynov in the punishment cell expires on August 13.

Abbas Huseynov was arrested during a special operation in Nardaran in November 2015.

In January 2017, the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison on charges of committing grave crimes - an attempt to change the constitutional order, terrorism, murder, etc.-06B-

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