Amrahbank employees protest

Baku / 30.04..20 / Turan: On April 30, employees of a deprived Amrahbank commercial bank held a protest rally.

Over 100 employees gathered in front of the head office of the bank, protesting against the closure of this financial institution.

According to them, Amrahbank was by no means bankrupt, and revoking the license is illegal.

“Our bank functioned normally. And suddenly, overnight it was shut down for no reason. Over 700 people were left without work. We demand to restore us to work. Why does the state allocate 60-70 million manat to other banks, and Amrahbank is closed? In such a difficult time, under quarantine conditions, we are left without work, ”said one of the protesters.

Protesters also said they did not receive a salary for April.

“There have never been delays in salaries. Every month on the 26th we received a salary. Now they say that the money will be issued in a month, ”said another participant in the action.

A person who introduced himself as a bank executive promised the protesters salaries.

“Salaries will be listed. In addition, I will try to employ employees in other banks using personal contacts, ”he said.

Bank security officers and involved police officers invited employees to go to their workplaces. —21С06-


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