Səadət Cahanigiri. Açiq məmbələrdən

Səadət Cahanigiri. Açiq məmbələrdən

Baku/02.05.20/Turan: An employee of the Azadlig newspaper and a member of the PFPA presidium, Saadat Jahangir, was taken to the Serious Crimes Investigation Department on May 1 at noon, reported the newspaper.

The operatives who entered Jahangir’s apartment under the guise of gas meter controllers searched the computer, seized a computer, telephones, and money collected for the journalist’s son’s training, and she was taken to the Serious Crimes Investigation Department.

Jahangir was interrogated for many hours and released only at about 9 p.m. However, the computer, phones and money were not returned.

On April 28, Jahangir was briefly detained after she arrived at the house where the Popular Front Party leader Ali Karimli lives to interview him. —06B-


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