Butchers Strike in Sheki

Baku / 31.03.19 / Turan: In the city of Sheki in the north-west of Azerbaijan, there is a shortage of meat. The reason for this is the strike of the city butchers. They protest against forcing them to slaughter cattle in only one place, local activists said.

This slaughter of 1 head of small cattle costs 10 manat, and 1 head of cattle - 25-30 manat, together with the cost of the veterinarian examination.

That is, the costs increase about two times than when the traders slaughter cattle in their own places, including the costs of veterinary control.

In addition, the abilities of the slaughterhouse allotted by the authorities are limited.

The needs of the city are 100-150 sheep and 20-30 cows per day. At the slaughterhouse there is no possibility of slaughtering such a quantity of livestock.

In order to cover the deficit, the authorities organized the sale of meat at a fair on the outskirts of Sheki on March 29. However, there are no other types of meat except buffalo meat there.

The butchers' negotiations with representatives of the Food Safety Agency were unsuccessful.

Butchers complain that government officials do not allow the use of even slaughterhouse standards.

It is also reported that grievances have also arisen in the villages of the district, since their residents are also being forced to take livestock to the district center and slaughter it in the indicated slaughterhouse.

A similar butchers strike was held in July last year. However, then it was short-lived, and the issue was temporarily resolved. -06d--

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