DAS condemns human rights violations in Azerbaijan

Baku/07.11.23/Turan: "Choose a Democratic Azerbaijan" (DAS) organization has issued a stark condemnation of human rights violations within Azerbaijan. The organization's statement underscores the persistent and widespread abuse of human rights under the current authoritarian regime in the country. These violations, the statement asserts, occur with alarming frequency and target a broad spectrum of individuals, including journalists, political activists, members of opposition parties, socially and politically active citizens, and public organizations.

The range of human rights infringements detailed in the statement is extensive and includes arbitrary detentions, interrogations conducted by law enforcement agencies and judicial bodies, confinement in temporary detention centers and prisons, the conduct of investigative procedures, the conditions of detention, and the provision of healthcare services. The violations encompass a multitude of charges, from alleged drug offenses and physical harm to tax evasion, fraudulent financial activities, bribery, and accusations of serving foreign interests, among others.

Prominent examples cited in the statement include the arrest of Professor Gubad Ibadoglu, a respected educator at leading Western universities, restriction of the activities of  Elchin Sadigov, the incarceration of journalists, and the arrest or extortion of family members of opposition party leaders. Additionally, the statement highlights mass arrests of religious believers and individuals who have faced arrest and torture in Azerbaijan due to their political beliefs, even after being deported from Germany.

In response to these grave concerns, the DAS  has consistently expressed its stance, informed international organizations, and organized protests in front of relevant government offices. However, the statement acknowledges that the organization has at times faced criticism or been portrayed as neglecting state interests, particularly in the context of the Karabakh issue.

To clarify their position and address any misunderstandings, the organization emphasizes several key points:

The DAS organization is a public entity and does not align with any specific political ideology, religious sect, or social group.

DAS supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, in alignment with other political parties and public organizations.

The organization is committed to supporting the fundamental rights and freedoms of all ethnic, national, religious, social, and political groups within Azerbaijan, in accordance with international rights standards and Azerbaijani legislation.

The organization reaffirms its commitment to expressing its position against administrative, political, arrest, and torture measures targeting individuals with critical views.

This statement from the DAS underscores their dedication to defending human rights and advancing civil liberties while clarifying their stance as a non-partisan organization striving for the betterment of Azerbaijani society.--0--

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