Director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy, Leyla Yunus says about open surveillance.
On July 29 Leyla  Yunus  said that at about 14:40 hours,  a car came "Niva" (No. 10 FZ 120) with two athletic-looking men  arrived in the yard of her house at Prospect N.Narimanov 125. One of the men sits in the car, and the second  is in the yard. When her husband  Arif Yunusov went to the grocery store, the car accompanied him frankly.  Yunus said that  until now  there was invisible surveillance,  but now  surveillance is open. 
Yunus  have been subject to pressure  from the authorities since April 28. On  April 28 she and  her husband  were not allowed to travel to France.  They were deprived of their passports and a number of documents. The apartment and office  was searched by the Attorney General. Yunus refuses to give evidence to the prosecutor's office until  her illegally confiscated passport is returned. It is  unclear what the couple  is accused  of. Formal charges have not  been filed. 
It is known that Leyla Yunus is fighting for the liberation of all political prisoners, as well as  is conducting with Armenian defenders joint projects through the "people's diplomacy". 
At 16.30 Arif  Yunusov  told Turan that three other cars with three men in civilian clothes drove in the courtyard. Yunusov believes that  they are preparing some action.

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