Facebook Installs Servers in Azerbaijan

Baku / 10.11.17 / Turan: The Azerbaijani main Internet operator Azertelecom LLC, which connects the country with the international Internet network, installed CDN servers from Facebook in its Data Center.

Since November 1 CDN servers from Facebook have been successfully working in the data center, in accordance with the agreement signed earlier between Azertelecom and Facebook, Azertelecom reported on its website on November 8.

Azertelecom believes the installation of servers will accelerate the exchange of information between users, as well as between users and the social network, creating new opportunities for subscribers. Connecting to Facebook and downloading content to personal computers will become faster, as there is no longer any need for an intermediary - a foreign server through which content from Facebook was sent to Azerbaijan, the official message says.

Facebook became the second largest international consortium after Google, which placed servers in Azerbaijan, becoming closer to Azerbaijani users, the head of the Internet forum of Azerbaijan Osman Gunduz commented on the news.

"Given the ever growing demand for Facebook in our country, I believe the arrival of global companies in the communications sector in Azerbaijan is a correct and very useful undertaking. In the future, by attracting the income received by Facebook and other companies in Azerbaijan to taxation, it is possible to stimulate the development of digital entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, revealing new opportunities for the development of the Internet in our country," Osman Gunduz said.

He also spoke in favor of opening offices of world Internet companies in Azerbaijan.

The Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that allows you to optimize the delivery and distribution of content to end users on the Internet. Using CDN by content providers helps to increase the speed of Internet users downloading audio, video, software, game and other types of digital content at the points of presence of the CDN network. -0-

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