Gezal Bayramli Announced Violation of Her Rights in Pretrial Detention Center

Baku / 07/01/17 / Turan: Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Gezal Bayramli, who is in custody in the Kurdakhany detention center, said her rights had been violated and demanded her visit by the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan. Turan was informed about this by the lawyer Asabali Mustafayev.
On June 30, he visited Bayramly in the pretrial detention center. On the same day, an investigative action took place against Bayramli. She was informed about the decision of the investigative body about the appointment of a medical examination.

When detained at the border on May 25, Geyzal Bayramli received physical injury. However, the examination was not carried out in time. "We discussed this issue with Gezal Bayramli and decided that a month after the event there is no sense in conducting the examination, for it has been a long time and to establish the existence of a physical injury and the degree of its severity is impossible," the lawyer said.

At the same time, Bayramli's health continues to deteriorate. Doctors have already inspected Bayramli several times in jail. However, the results of the survey are hidden. Based on the results of the survey, no treatment is prescribed. On the other hand, when Bayramli was returning from Tbilisi, they withdrew the prescriptions and medicines that were with her. The detention center also restricted Barjamli's right to telephone conversations with persons of importance to her legitimate interests.

In connection with complaints about violation of her rights Bayramli asked for her visit by Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova, the lawyer Mustafayev said.

* Gezal Bayramli was detained on May 25, when she was returning from Georgia. She was charged under Article 206.1 (smuggling). On May 26, the Sabail court sanctioned her arrest for 3 months. The official statement says that EUR 12,000 was found among her belongings, when she was returning from Georgia. In court, Gezal Bayramli noted that this money was planted by law enforcement officers and her arrest was of a political nature.-06D-

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